A Shortcut

A Shortcut


When you get a task, at first you will most likely think of a shortcut. If you think of a shortcut, it seems to me you will do one of three things:

1.Do the shortcut.

2.Do exactly what you were told at first and then eventually do the shortcut.

3.Put the thought aside and just do exactly what you were told.

The players that won’t be good will do the first one. The players that will be average will do the second one. The players that will be good will do the third one. However, the players that will be the best out of all of them won’t even think of a shortcut and will just do what their mentors told them to do, or more.

If you want to be great you will remember: There are no shortcuts.

In high school, there is rarely a person who won’t think of a shortcut. While standing in the hot sun for hours in a marching band rehearsal, eventually your horn won’t be at the right angle, your steps won’t be as consistent, and your posture won’t be as commendable. It is extremely hard to do everything at the highest level for long periods of time. However, for everyone out there that wants to be known as great or the best and doesn’t do all those things at the highest level from the start, won’t be great or the best. The true best players, or the most dedicated, you always know don’t do shortcuts.

Little Red Riding Hood as an example, she takes a shortcut and runs into a wolf. If she hadn’t she wouldn’t have put her grandmother in danger. It’s so simple! Although it may take longer. It will be worth it in the end.

Think of the best player in your orchestra, band, etc. They most likely work for how good they are. Those people did everything they were told and more to be great. The people with the best teachers have to listen to that teacher to be great, there is no magic, THERE IS NO SHORTCUT.  No fairy is going sprinkle magic dust and tell you the secret to becoming a trumpet or a great violin player. You have to do everything you possibly can to find the path that takes you to being the best. Don’t just pick up on the first the you see.

There will always be a destination, the path you take to get there determines if reaching that destination is possible. There are no shortcuts. Always choose number 3. No, don’t even think of a shortcut.




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  1. Taking shortcuts is not always bad. Sometimes it is best to do it,although most the time you aren’t getting everything you could’ve gotten in the long way. If you have any questions please comment below. Thank you:)

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