My Approach

All my life I've been driven by how people think and how music works. It completely fascinates me. Everything having to do about those two things I'm interested in automatically. I created this website to share about the mind and music. Most everything I will say will have to do with linking those two things together to make what you do with music, and your mindset better.

My Story

My whole life I've been surrounded by music. My dad was a band director and a private lesson teacher. I am a trumpet player, along with my dad. Everything I do with music I try to take it to the next level. Learn more. See more. Do more. The thing I want to spend my life doing is trumpet. Also, I read books and quotes about the mind. What I do is I link my trumpet playing and musicianship to my thoughts and mind. I've spent years doing that and it has helped me so much.

Meet Me

Kadence Koehl

I play guitar and trumpet. I am a young musician. I love triathlons.

Questions and Comments

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